What kinds of disputes can be resolved through mediation?

Mediation is the preferred dispute resolution method because it gives the parties control of the process and the outcome through the help of an experienced professional neutral to facilitate the process. Any dispute can benefit from mediation. The following is a list of common disputes that report high satisfaction in the mediation process.

Accident/Personal Injury

Auto accidents, slip and fall, dog bites, liability, products, negligence.


Corporation issues, ownership dispute, partnership questions, copyright, calculation of profits, resolution of debt and bankruptcy, collections, contracts.


Church splits, leadership disputes, ministry conflict, elder board disagreement, pastoral and staff separation, denominational concerns, inter-faith conflict.


Victim restitution.


Marriage dissolution, family disputes, parent/child conflict, roommate issues.


Unlawful detainer, rent disputes, security deposits, refund of deposit, maintenance/repairs, habitability issues, late fees, lease agreements, pay/quit.


Nuisance, noise, pet issues, trees, property line, fences, maintenance of property, property damage, parking issues.


Parent/Teacher concerns, Student/Teacher issues, Student/Student conflict, faculty/administration disputes, staff conflict.


Salary & pay issues, working conditions, harassment/discrimination, Workers’ Compensation, safety concerns, benefits dispute, co-worker conflict.