Brent M. Daub

Director of Mediation for Regents Law Group.

A 2002 graduate of Pepperdine University School of Law, where he received his Jurist Doctorate (J.D.) and Masters Degree in Dispute Resolution (M.D.R.), he has been a member of the California Bar and practicing law in the state since 2002.

Brent Daub is the senior partner at Gilson Daub, Inc., a California law firm that opened its doors in January 2011 and now has eight offices statewide. Prior to this work, his career has included seven years as a senior associate at a California Workers’ Compensation law firm and two years as an associate at a Southern California litigation firm.

Mr. Daub’s experience in mediation includes extensive studies and training with the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University School of Law where he received a Masters in dispute Resolution (M.D.R.) in 2002. He has served as a collaborative mediator in a wide range of cases since 2000.

Mr. Daub’s experience also includes teaching in the field of conflict resolution and mediation. He served as the Dean of Christian Conflict Resolution drafting and teaching courses at the Apostles Theological Seminary beginning in 2007. His courses are utilized throughout the United States and internationally. Additionally, Mr. Daub has developed litigation training and business leadership courses that are appreciated by lawyers and non-attorney support staff.