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Mediation is a voluntary process of settling your dispute through the help of a professionally trained neutral mediator. Regents Law Group provides mediation services to people involved in litigated and non-litigated disputes. Litigation rarely provides the results people seek. The process is expensive, lengthy, public and unpredictable.

Mediation however provides an efficient and effective way to secure settlement. It is the fast, affordable, and confidential option that lets you maintain control of the process and the outcome.

Regents Law Group’s experienced mediators help people settle their disputes quickly, affordably, and confidentially. With the help of one of our trained mediators or co-mediator teams, you will see improved communication, new options for resolution a faster and more efficient process as we facilitate a negotiated settlement. Regents Law Group puts you back in control of your case.

Our Mediators

Conflict Resolved

Litigation is expensive and timely but mediation is resolution focused. Conflict needs to be managed well in order to be productive. Don’t handle your dispute alone. A skilled mediator will facilitate balanced communication and move the parties forward toward settlement. You need an impartial third party facilitator who will be neutral but also intentional to drive the negotiations forward toward resolution. Being neutral means the mediator will not take sides against any party in the mediation. The mediator’s goal is focused on securing an acceptable settlement not prolonging litigation.

What Conflicts We Resolve

Acceptable Outcome

Don’t leave the outcome of your dispute to someone else. Proceeding with litigation gives someone else control over the outcome to your dispute. Don’t let the outcome be decided by a judge or a jury. Take back control of the outcome. Mediation helps people come to an acceptable agreement that they can live with. A mediated settlement means you will never be forced with a decision you don’t agree with. Don’t let someone else decide your dispute.

Confidential Process

If keeping the details of your dispute private is important, mediation is the preferred process. Many disputes require confidentiality. Litigation can be a messy and public process but mediation keeps information private. All parties sign a confidentiality agreement to make sure that the information discussed in the mediation session remains private and you are protected.

Confidentiality Agreement

Control the Costs and Time of Litigation

Conflict is costly. Litigation is expensive. Millions of dollars are spent every year on attorneys’ fees and litigation costs. Lengthy delays often keep litigated cases going much longer than initially expected. The current court system is overburdened and expensive. Mediation is much faster and far less expensive than litigation. Get your case resolved now for much less time and money. Most disputes can be resolved in one session.

If you are in need of a resolution, we are here to help.